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War Streets Brewery Taproom

Bier's Pub and War Streets Brewery have teamed up to exclusively offer their brews at the pub.  The taproom is now open!

Beer List

Lake Elizabeth Black Lager 6.4% 32 IBUs 

A rich, crisp, dark lager that fermented at 50 degrees Farenheit for 3 weeks, then was lagered for 3 more weeks at 38 degrees Farenheit to allow it time to mature.  This lager is clean and easy drinking, with notes of chocolate, roasted barley and earthy hop overtones.   

(Available 2/9)


Carrington St. Kolsch 4.7% 20IBUs

A clean, crisp German style ale, similar to a light lager, but has a unique flavor profile from the Kolsch yeast strain.  This ale has a slight fruity aroma, a balanced flavor, with a smooth and crisp  mouthfeel and finish. (Available 2/15)

Sherman Ave. Stout 5.8% 25 IBUs

This dark, Irish style stout is a full bodied ale boasting with roasted malt flavor and notes of Cacao chocolate.  It is dry from the Irish yeast strain and has a smooth, rich mouthfeel. Earthy hops, Fuggle and Goldings are used during the boil to accentuate the bold rich flavors. 

(Available 2/15)

Galveston Golden Ale 5.5% 30 IBUs

A malt forward, crisp golden ale with notes of smoke and roasted overtones.  This light ale boasts a unique flavor profile with an earthy hop aroma, smoked malts, pilsen malts, and a smooth finish. (Available 3/1)

Jacksonia Java Porter 5.7%ABV 25 IBUs

This Irish style porter is rich and smokey with hints of cherry wood smoked malts and roasted barley.  After fermentation, we aged this brew on Papua New Guinea coffee beans, roasted by local coffee roasters-Commonplace Coffee.  
(Available 3/3)


Buena Vista Brown Ale 5.3% 28 IBUs

This American Brown Ale is sweet and malty with a nutty finish.  It is well balanced and maintains earthy flavors from the Fuggle and Goldings hops used.  This brew was aged on New Mexico Pinion Pine Nuts that give it a unique sweet, nutty character. 

(Available 3/3)

At War Smoked Red Ale 6.7% ABV 30 IBUs

This collaboration brew was concocted with a local author and neighbor who released a Book entitled "At War."  We made our recipe around the theme of war, so we wanted to balance it between earth, fire red, and smoke.  Hints of Beech wood and Cherry wood are present, but not dominant.  Tropical hop aromas from Amarillo and Cascade hops give this brew a fruity aroma that balances well with the smoke.

(Available 3/3)

Sampsonia Smoked Porter 5.7% 22 IBUs

This Irish style Porter is rich and chocolatey with a smokey finish.  Cherry wood, beech wood, and Peat smoked malts are balanced in the flavor profile. Earthy hops add to the smooth, bold and robust dark ale.  The Irish yeast strain give this brew a dry finish and brings out the most of the smokey malt flavors.

(Available 3/4)

Resaca Pl. Red Ale 5.6%ABV 40 IBUs

This Irish Style Red Ale is crisp and malty with a nice hint of Fuggle, Goldings, and Cascade hops and has a dry finish from the Irish yeast strain.  (Available 3/11)

Arch St. Amber Ale 5.4%ABV 30 IBUs

This malt forward ale has hints of caramel and amber roasted malts, with a slight touch of bitterness from Cascade and Goldings hops used during the boil. It is a full bodied brew with a smooth mouthfeel and a clean, crisp finish.

(Available 3/28)

Rye Whiskey Brown Ale 5.5%ABV 21 IBUs

A sweet, nutty brown ale that has earthy flavors from the Golding and Fuggle hops, a clean finish from the American yeast strain and nutty overtones from the Pinion Pine Nuts used in secondary fermentation.  This ale was aged in a Wigle Rye Whiskey Barrel for a month to take on a notes of the barrel and the rye whiskey flavors.
(Available bottles only 3/8)

Ginever IPA 8.1%ABV 70 IBUs

Our standard IPA aged in a Wigle Gin barrel.  This IPA has tropical flavors from the Citra and Mosaic hops and a spicey floral aroma and finish from the herbs in the gin.  

(Available 3/10)