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War Streets Brewery Taproom

Bier's Pub and War Streets Brewery have teamed up to exclusively offer their brews at the pub.  The taproom is now open!

Beer List


Baselius Sasion Ale 6%ABV 

A collaboration ale between us, Hop Farm and Leaning Cask breweries, this Saison ale is a light, pale colored ale that features homegrown Basil from each brewery.  Limited availability!

Western Ave. Wheat Ale 6% ABV 45IBUs

This American style, hoppy wheat ale features Centennial, Simcoe, and Chinook hops in the boil, and dry hopped with Simcoe for a piney finish and tropical aroma profile.  Slight notes of banana and fruit from the yeast strain. 

Carrington St. Kolsch 4.7% ABV 24IBUs

This light, crisp German style ale is clean and easy drinking.  It is classified as an ale from it's yeast activity, but has many lager characteristics.  Light hop additions of Tettnanger and Fuggle hops allow the flavor profiles from the Kolsch yeast strain to come through.  Notice hints of fruit and banana in this ale.

One Way Session IPA 4.8% ABV 50IBUs

Our session IPA features Cascade, Citra and Mosaic hops giving it a tropical hop profile with citrus, lemon and pine.  We then dry hop this ale after fermentation with more Mosaic hops for a fruity aroma.  This is a light, easy drinking IPA that still has a strong hop forward character.  

Saturn Way Saison 6.1%ABV 35 IBUs
A french style Saison that has a deep ruby color, balanced malt and hop flavors, allowing the unique Saison yeast strain to add complexity to this beer.  There are notes of pepper, spice, and a slight taste of sourness.  Ginger root was also added at the end of the boil to give just a hint of ginger spice and earth.  This is a very drinkable summer seasonal ale!


Sherman Ave Stout 5.8% ABV 25 IBUs
This rich, dark Irish style  stout has notes of chocolate, roasted barley, and is finished on Cacao nibs.  It has a smooth mouthfeel and a dry finish from the Irish Ale yeast strain.  

Buena Vista Brown Ale 5.3% ABV 25 IBUs

A sweet nut brown ale with an earthy hop profile including Fuggle, Golding and Cascade hops. This balanced earthy brown ale is clean and crisp with nutty overtones from the New Mexico Pinion Pine nuts used in secondary fermentation. 

Also include a rotating supply of other local brews!