War Streets Brewery Taproom

War Streets Brewery operates a unique 2 BBL (62 gallon) nanobrewing system in the basement of the building.  With this small scale operation, their brews are exclusively served at the pub!  Head brewer and owner Jake Bier designs each recipe and brews every single batch of beer that passes through our taps.  Brewery tours will be available soon.

Beer List

Resaca Red Ale 5.5% 30 IBUs

This Irish style red ale has a rich, smooth mouthfeel and a dry finish. Hints of roasted barley give this ale a toasted malt flavor that balance with the sweet malt profile.  Fuggle and Goldings hops give this red ale an earthy aroma and hop profile that blends with it’s rich malt flavors and dry yeast finish.  

Palo Alto Pale Ale 6.5% 60IBUs

This American style pale ale is hop forward with Cascade, Ekuanot, and Simcoe hops.  It has tropical and citrus notes and a piney aroma.  This ale is dry hopped with Ekuanot hops after fermentation to add to the aroma. It is a clean, refreshing pale ale for hop lovers.  

Sampsonia Smoked Porter 5.7% 22 IBUs

This Irish style Porter is rich and chocolatey with a smokey finish.  Cherrywood and peat smoked malts are balanced in the flavor  profile. Earthy hops add to the smooth, bold and robust dark ale.  The Irish yeast strain give this brew a dry finish and brings out the most of the smokey malt flavors.

Sherman Ave Stout 5.8% ABV 25 IBUs

This rich, dark Irish style stout has notes of chocolate, roasted barley, and is finished on Cacao nibs.  It has a smooth mouthfeel and a dry finish from the Irish Ale yeast strain (WL004).

Allegheny Ave Amber Ale 5.6% ABV 30IBUs

This hybrid ale combines hints from both our Arch St. Amber and our Resaca Red Ale. 
It features amber malts, Maris Otter, and toasted malts to give it its robust and roasted flavor profile. Earthy hops- Fuggle and Goldings balance well with the malt profile and the dry hop additions of Cascade give it a piney aroma.  This ale is fermented on Irish Ale yeast (WL 004), so it has a much dryer finish.  

Rye Whiskey Stout 7.1% 25 IBUs
Our Sherman Ave Stout was aged in a Wigle Deep cut Rye Whiskey barrel for 60 days.  It took on a balanced earthy wood profile, along with strong notes of whiskey and spice from the rye.  

Also include a rotating supply of other local brews!